Below is an overview of the services and solutions AV Appliance Service provides. Please read below for common problems, solutions and prices we might charge. Please keep in mind prices vary depending on part price at time of repair, location, day/time of call. Prices may vary by season. The prices listed are on GE appliance/ refrigerator in the New York City NYC area.

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GE oven ignitor replacement
[Oven not lighting, gas smell, food not cooking right.
Between 160-230(visit, part and labor included)

[GE refrigerator defrost thermostat replacement
[Refrigerator not cooling
[160-190( visit, part and labor included)


[GE refrigerator timer replacement
[Temperature not right, not cooling
[180-280(visit, part and labor included)

GE refrigerator heater replacement

Refrigerator/freezer not cooling


Ge monogram refrigerator computer replacement

Temperature bad/ lcd not working right